Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska

Tricia Goyer & Ocieanna Fleiss
Summerside Press

About the book: 
Singer Ginny Marshall is one signature away from the recording contract of her dreams—a deal that would guarantee success for the former foster child, who still struggles to bury the memories of her painful childhood. But Ginny needs advice from the one person who will look out for her best interests—her former fianc√©, Brett Miller. She travels to the remote town of Glacier Bay, Alaska, where the town’s colorful characters and stunning scenery provide respite from LA’s pressures.

In Glacier Bay, Ginny discovers a box of old letters and is swept up in the love story between Clay, an early missionary to Alaska Territory, and Ellie, the woman who traveled there to be his children’s governess. When Ginny is reunited with Brett in Glacier Bay, will she discover—as Ellie did—that healing and love are sometimes found in the most unexpected places?

My Review/Feelings about this Book:
WOW!! I have to say this is my favorite book from Ocieanna and Tricia.  I have read their other LFY books and this one blew me away.  Awesome story!  Awesome research, beautiful setting, beautiful historical side story.  I just don't know if I have enough word to describe how much I enjoyed this book.  I loved Grandma Ethel, she made the story for me, I am fond of Grandmother characters and this was a wonderful grandma!  I am not sure how Tricia and Ocienna will top this book, but I look forward to their next collaberation, whenever that takes place.  So my final thoughts, you do NOT want to miss reading this book!  Most definitely a 5 star story and book!  Loved the book!  Great job ladies!

The pictures I have included here were pictures that Ocienna and Tricia took on their research trip to Glacier Bay Alaska. 

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