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We tend to complicate the Christian life. At it's heart it's loving God and loving people. The easiest way to do this is to be Christ-like in all we do. Simple Things explores how to do this in daily life, in our relationships, online interactions, and at home. Through wit and wisdom, Simple Things will nudge you closer to your creator. All proceeds from Simple Things go directly to Convoy: Women, a division of Convoy of Hope that gives women around the world tools and training to make better lives for their families. For more information on Convoy of Hope please visit www.convoyofhope.org

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About the Author

I have to add, I have been friends with Suzanne for years. We first became friends through a pastor's wives group. Her passion for writing is great and for the Lord even greater. This book will bless you and is a great resource for a ladies group.
Suzanne Schaffer

Suzanne Schaffer is a pastor's wife and mother to two adult children. She can usually be found with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. She loves the Simple Things in life and considers her friends and family among her most prized possessions. She makes her home in Central Pennsylvania and can be found online at www.notenoughchocolate.blogspot.com where she shares life lessons and funny stories. All proceeds from Simple Things go directly to Convoy: Women, a division of Convoy of Hope.

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Getting to know Author Suzanne Schaffer

What inspired you to write the book, Simple Things?
Honestly, it was through prayer and my own struggles that Simple Things came to be. I figured if I was dealing with these things in my life then there were women all over the world dealing with the same issues.
 What are your writing habits?
I need complete quiet when I write, the house empty, and a cup of tea. I usually write by a window so I can look far away at the trees, it clears my head. If there is music playing I follow the songs. Music is so powerful to me, I can’t just listen to it, I have to engage in it.
 When did you start writing?
My earliest poetry is from when I was ten. It’s not very good. 🙂
 Do you have a special routine connected with your writing time?
I get all of my housework and other chores done in the morning and write in the afternoon. I do, however, keep a notebook with me most of the time and jot down thoughts as they come to me.
What do you want people to remember about Simple Things long after they’ve finished reading it? 
That God has more for them if they allow Him full control in every area of their lives.
What is one thing you hope people will not assume or think about you, because you have written a book?
That I am somehow special. I don’t feel any different than I did before. Everyone keeps mentioning how proud they are of me for writing a book but I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment, I just feel like it was what I was supposed to do. In the same way I cook dinner for my husband, I write. It’s just my thing.
Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
Life is about so much more than what we do, it’s about how we live and who we live for. At the end of our days it’s just us and God and it’s too late to choose to live for Him then. Are the things we get involved in worth risking eternity for? Learning to discern what is truly important in life and eternity should motivate us to live to please God.

Suzanne Schaffer

Suzanne Schaffer

Suzanne Schaffer is wife to a pastor and mom to two adult children and one brown dog. She is a lover of all things 1940s and can usually be found with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. She believes life is too short for mediocre food and will spend extra on good chocolate. Her sense of humor gets her through the hard times of life and she laughs freely at whatever comes her way. Suzanne lives in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. She's been writing most of her life, mostly to appease the urge to get the words on paper. Simple Things is her first book. Visit her online at www.notenoughchocolate.blogspot.com


A Sister's Wish and An Amish Family Christmas Reviews

My Thoughts:

A Sister's Wish:
A super quick read with this short book, more novella length than novel length. It is funny, some of the characters I didn't care for too much redeemed themselves in this book, and the ones I didn't like in this book redeemed themselves in the Christmas book. One of those things that make you go hmm. A theme of redemption and facing your past runs through this story, the faith message seemed more subtle in this story, but it was there. I do want to point out that I love the fact that Shelley writes the readers a letter at the end of each book, it really makes it more personal to me. While not my favorite of the series, this is a good book with a good story. 4 stars from this reviewer.

This book was given to me. I choose to review it and share my honest thoughts about the story. The fact that the book was given to me, does not sway my opinions or review concerning this book.

An Amish Family Christmas:

So I alluded to this in my other review, but thank goodness Lukas and Rebecca redeemed themselves, I was fully prepared to have a very strong dislike for those two. But this isn't their story, it is the story of Levi and Julia. A sweet story, sometimes exasperating, as I often find Amish stories, (I think it is the lack of communication)still over-all a good story. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a bigger holiday theme since it is titled a Christmas story, but that is ok. The last two books were not my favorite of the series, I enjoyed the first two book more. 4 stars from this reviewer.

This book was given to me. I choose to review it and share my honest thoughts about the story. The fact that the book was given to me, does not sway my opinions or review concerning this book.

About the Books

A Sister's Wish
In Shelley Shepard Gray's third book in her Charmed Amish Life series, a respectable young woman finds herself falling for an Amish man from the wrong side of the tracks.
Amelia Kinsinger is the perfect Amish woman---at least according to her neighbors. And while Amelia takes pride in her role as homemaker, she's also harboring a secret: She's been in love with bad boy Simon Hochstetler for as long as she can remember. Too bad he's about as far from "perfect" as an Amish man could get . . . but that's exactly why she's so drawn to him.
Life hasn't been kind to Simon. He ran away from an abusive home at fifteen and things went downhill from there. Eventually, Simon landed in prison. But the experience changed him. Now back in Charm as a grown man, he's determined to make a new life for himself and not think too much about his wild past . . . unless it pertains to Amelia.
He's loved Amelia for years. To him, she represents everything good and kind in the world. When he realizes that she returns his affections, he starts calling on her in secret, even though her older brother Lukas---who just happens to be Simon's best friend---has made it perfectly clear that Amelia deserves better. Simon disagrees and believes he's the only one who can truly make her happy. 
But when Amelia gets hurt, it sets off a chain of events that forces them to consider their future together---and face their past mistakes. There's a chance for love . . . but only if Simon dares to trust Amelia with the secrets of his past.
An Amish Family Christmas
In Shelley Shepard Gray's fourth book in her Charmed Amish Life series, an unlikely Amish romance reveals that Christmas is a time for family, 
miracles---and love
Ever since his father died in a tragic fire, Levi Kinsinger has felt adrift. Newly returned to Charm, Ohio, Levi is trying to fit into his old life, only to discover he seems to have outgrown it.
But when Julia, his young widowed neighbor, asks for his help with a Christmas project, Levi finds a sense of purpose for the first time in months. She and her daughter are new to Charm and could use a friend, a job Levi takes personally. Soon enough, friendship grows into attraction, but Levi can't help having doubts. There's something about Julia that doesn't ring quite true . . .
Like Levi, Julia Kemps has survived her fair share of hardships----but only by hiding the truth of her past. Being an unmarried mother in an Amish community was unthinkable. Feeling hopeless, Julia did the only thing she could do: she moved to a new town and pretended to be a widow. But meeting Levi, she's hopeful for the first time. Little by little, she begins to imagine telling him her darkest secret, and eventually . . . perhaps even sharing her life with him. 
Christmas is a time for family, and as the holiday draws closer, Julia and Levi will have to face their pasts together . . . in order to find the healing, support and love they so desperately desire.