REVIEW | Path of Freedom

Quilts of Love
Jennifer Hudson Taylor

Flora Saferight and Bruce Millikan have been at each other for years, in fact Flora would do anything to keep Bruce away from her.  His teasing has caused her great pain over the years, a nickname he gave her stuck, even causing the girls to call her the hurtful name.  To say that Flora had trouble considering Bruce a "Friend" would be accurate.  They are Quakers and are supposed to leave peacably.  But being around Bruce brings Flora anything but a peaceful feeling for the most part.  So you can imagine her distress when her pastor approached them asking them to go on a mission together, also taking her younger sister too.  A mission that is dangerous to all of them.  Taking a runaway slave couple to a free state.  The pastor has picked Flora because of her skills as a young midwife, the slave couple is expecting a baby.  The trip is fairly smooth with the exception of a near blunder that nearly costs Flora her life.  The emotional tension is this book is palatable.  You can feel the hurt that Flora carries in her heart over the things Bruce did to her as a child and young girl, you also can feel the tension and distress that Bruce feels over these hurts.  He would take it all back if he could.  A mission that will change both Flora and Bruce forever.  A beautiful story of redemption!  Using a hand made quilt as a guide to bring the slaves to freedom, will this mission also free Flora of her hurts and allow her to see Bruce as more than an irritation? 
I loved this story, it is very different from Ms. Taylor's other books I have read, but it was a wonderful story.  226 pages US $12.99 4 stars

I was given an ARC copy of this book for review purposes.  No payment was received for this review.

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