A Marriage Carol

Chris Fabry
Gary Chapman
Moody Press

Wow I loved this book, with a plot similar to The Christmas Carol, you find yourself following Jacob and Marlee Ebenezer as they start out in a snow storm to sign divorce papers.  A shortcut finds them on a narrow treacherous snow covered road, where they are hit by a large truck.  When Marlee wakes up, Jacob is gone, and she sees a light in a farmhouse on the hill, making her way through the snow, she is greeted by an elderly man and his dog Rue.  What happens next is truly comparable to the famous Dicken's tale.  Marlee is led through a process that allows her to examine her past, present and what the future will hold for her and her children if she goes through with the divorce.  Awakening in a hospital, she is relieved to learn that the events did not happen as she saw them, and is determined to make her marriage work.  All of this takes place on Christmas Eve, which is also her anniversary. 
I loved this book, I was a bit slow catching onto the names but as I started writing my review I got it..LOL.  This is a cute story with a wonderful message about marriage.  Definitely a great Christmas story, and a great marriage story!  Loved it! 128 pages Available in ebook and hardcover format.  4.5 stars.

No payment was received for this review.  This review is my own, and honest opinion of this book. 

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