Review| Eleanor Jo A Christmas to Remember

The Eleanor Series
Eleanor Clark

Christmas during the Depression was hard.  Eleanor Jo's parents hated that there was no money for gifts, but they did everything they could to make sure it was still a wonderful holiday season that their children would remember.  From making sure they had time to decorate the house for Christmas, to attending a wonderful Christmas party at a neighbors, her mother and father understood that the holidays were more than getting and giving gifts.  It is about the most important gift of all, the gift that gives over and over.  Jesus, God's gift to the world. 
A beautiful story, told by a grandmother to her grandchildren about her own childhood, she shared the love of Jesus and the gift that He is to the world.  I loved this wonderful story.  A beautiful story about the true meaning of Christmas.  Beautiful imagery, Ms. Clark truly captured the essence and beauty of Christmas.  Her descriptive writing was just wonderful!  I loved this little story and will be reading more from The Eleanor Series 210 KB $3.99 Kindle edition 4 stars

No payment was received for this review, it was given freely by me and is my honest and true opinion of this story. 

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