Review | The Happiest Season

Rosemarie Naramore

What five year old boy doesn't believe in Santa?  Rickey Dulane, Maggie Dulane's little boy, doesn't believe in Santa.  After Santa let him down, by letting his daddy die at Christmas time, so Santa can't be real.  It breaks Maggie's heart that Rickey doesn't believe in Santa, but she is just trying to make a life for them since her husband had been killed by a drunk driver two years earlier.  With another Christmas approaching, Rickey and Maggie are in a new place, a new house and making a new life, starting over.  They just don't know how over they are starting, when a camel in the back yard changes their lives.  The responding officer was a very handsome young man and the attraction that was between he and Maggie was a shock to Maggie, and to the officer too.  More animals show up in Maggie's back yard, much to the delight of young Rickey, and the dismay of his mother. 
This is such a fun story, I loved it.  I laughed at the silliness of the animals and the funny things that happened and cried with Maggie as she agonized over the changes that were coming in her life.  An absolutely wonderful Christmas story!!  This author really captured these characters and portrayed them perfectly.  Definitely a great book to share with your friends.  173 pages $2.99 US on Kindle 4 stars

This book was obtained during a free amazon promotion, My review is given freely and I was notpaid for this review, it is my honest opinion of this book.  

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