REVIEW | Sugar Fork

Walt Larimore
Howard Books

This is a continuation of the story of Hazel Creek, however this story does stand alone.  We rejoin the family as they re-group and move on from the death of Callie Randolph, Nate's wife and Abbie's mother.  Abbie is doing her best to take care of her four younger sisters, but it seems to take a toll on her.  Causing her to be snappy and ill tempered with them, her engagement to her beau Bobby Lee makes life seem a bit easier.  Worried about her promise to her momma to take care of the girls and the farm, Abbie is relieved that Bobby Lee is willing to build a house on the farm and to help take care of that.  However life takes a drastic turn when her daddy and Bobby Lee are murdered.  Will the big timber man get his wish and drive Abbie and her sisters off the farm?  Not if the folks in Sugar Fork have any say! 
What I loved about this book:  Everything, the story is intriguing, the characters are believable, and likable, the moment you start this book, you feel like you are back in the 1920's right there in Sugar Fork.  Of course I love the setting, there in the Great Smoky Mountains. 
What I did not like about this book:  Well truthfully there wasn't anything I didn't like, however I did find it interesting that Nate Randolph delivered "medicinal" moonshine, to make money after his wife died.  Abbie was ashamed of it, when she found out, and I found it to be an interesting twist to the story.
Conclusion:  This book will make you escape into the Great Smoky Mountains.  You will feel the pain and the joys the characters face.  Walt Larimore is a very talented story teller and it is obvious over and over in this book!  363 pages US$14.99 5 stars
This book was provided by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review

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