In Plain Sight

Marlayne Giron
CreateSpace Independent

What a twist, an Amish story with spaceships, crop circles and aliens.  The Esh family will never be the same after two twins from another planet arrive on their farm.  Appearing an  young Amish men, they ask for a place to stay, and offer to work for room and board.  The closed Amish community is not very accepting of them because they are different, Silas has gold eyes and Seth has silver eyes.  They are different and this makes the Amish very leery of them.  The destroyed crops and missing cattle in the area, do nothing to change their views.  Rebecca Esh, is angry with the community because they are being cruel both to the visitors and to her family.  What she does not expect however is the fact that she has very strong feelings for Seth.  In fact she is in love with him.  Where will this lead?  Will Seth be allowed to stay on earth with her and marry her?
My thoughts about the book...
What I liked:  This story is like no other Amish tale you will ever read!  It is an interesting story and well written, Marlayne is an excellent storyteller.  The unexpected twists and turns of the book, keep you entertained and interested.
What I did NOT like:   There were a couple of instances of four letter words, that is a big disappointment for me. BIG!  There were areas I felt she should have researched out a bit more, to have made the story a bit more believable, it was just a bit too fantastic for belief.
Over all thoughts...A very entertaining story, that you will want to read to the end.  268 pages US $12.99 4 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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