Winter Chill

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Seasons of the Heart Novella Series
Susette Williams
Amazon Kindle Edition

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

We join the story where Falling in Love left off.  This book is Sasha's story.  A great story, that could be anyone's daughter at any college.

Sasha is happy for Katie and Wade, but she knows that she has to overcome her fears and move on with her life.  Running away from people like a scared rabbit all the time is not how she wants to live.  Scared sometimes, it feels like, of her own shadow.
Breaking into Forrest Tucker's house after her car slides into a ditch and she becomes injured, she is dismayed to find out he is someone from the college.  Her fears overtake her and she panics, trying to get away from him during a horrible snowstorm.  Her panic sends her into a frenzy of wanting to escape, no matter the consequences.
Forrest is not sure what has happened to Sasha, but the need to protect her is overwhelming him.  He is angry to the point of punching another student, after the guy brags that he had basically forced himself upon Sasha.  This act cost Forrest his job at the school, and nearly his student status too.  A plan to help Sasha is formed, and without even asking her, he puts in place.  He hopes it works to keep Doug, the slimeball away from her, and he hopes she doesn't shoot down the plan.
A great story, that will pull at your heart strings as Sasha works through her pain and hurt, and you will want to cheer her on, and she addresses the feelings for Forrest.  A wonderfully told story in a short novella, a great way to spend your afternoon!   US $2.99 Amazon Kindle 4.5 stars.
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