Candy Coated Secrets

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A Summer Meadows Mystery
Cynthia Hickey
Kindle Edition

Set in a small Arkansas town, this mystery is full of twists and turns, often leaving you to wonder where the story is going.  Summer Meadows is a candy maker, fulfilling her dream job of owning her own candy store.  It is fair time, and she is taking her operations to the fair, and selling candy there.  However the story starts out at the beginning of the fair, with an accident right in front of Summer's house where she lives with her Aunt and Uncle.  An overturned carnival truck, finds a rampaging elephant running amok in her yard.  Nearly being injured by the big gray elephant, imagine every one's surprise when it turns out the elephant likes Summer.  This is only the beginning of the troubles that will face Summer as the fair progresses.  Her boyfriend Ethan is afraid that he will loose her to whoever seems to be trying to injure or even kill her.  Summer finds one of the carnies dead in her trailer, it appears she may have killed herself, and it is believed it is all connected to an embezzlement case, so why does someone want to hurt Summer?
This was a good story, and having visited with the author about her writing I enjoyed picturing the places where this story took place.  256 pages 4 stars
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