Ivy Malone Mystery (Book One)
Lorena McCourtney
Revell Books

Ivy Malone and her friend Thea are horrified to find that the cemetery where Thea's aunt and uncle are buried has been vandalized.  They are determined to get some action from the local police, however before anything happens, Thea passes away, leaving Ivy to carry on alone. 
Ivy, after the death of her dear friend comes to the realization that a woman of her age, seems to be invisible to nearly everyone around them.  While this distresses her, she does realize it can be used for her own good.  One thing she does is set  up a stake-out at the cemetery, sometimes spending the entire night out there alone watching for the return of the vandals.  Soon however things begin happening that diverts her attention, her young neighbor disappears.  Thea's renter, Kendra is missing, and a body turns up in the river, Ivy is hesitant to call the police wondering if the body is Kendra, but after reading the description of what the body was wearing and remembering what Kendra was wearing the last time she seen her, she presses forward. 
This book is a quirky, funny and active mystery.  There is much action, that little old lady gets around.  I had read other Ivy Malone mysteries and other books by Lorena and when this one was offered on Kindle free I nabbed it.  I easily give this story a 4 star review!  Great book, great story and great series! 
This book was obtained free when offered on Kindle by Amazon.  No payment was received for this review.  (still free, but always check the prices when you buy ebooks)  Available at Amazon HERE

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