Falling in Love

Seasons of the Heart Novella Series
Susette Williams
Amazon E-Book
Family Friendly Fiction

Katie Morgan has her goals set.  Go to school to become a veterinarian, she could not fall in love and become distracted.  However she realizes that her boss Wade McAlester is a really great guy, and she decides he needs to find a girl and get married.  What Katie does not realize is that Wade has already found a girl, nor does Katie realize who it is. 
Wade McAlester is the local veterinarian that Katie works for, and he has fallen in love with Katie, but is afraid he will scare her off, since she has stated up front that she will not be distracted.  The story that follows is sweet and sometimes funny as Katie tries to set him up with different friends on a couple of disastrous dates.  One girl who was so in love with herself, Wade was sure she didn't even really notice anything about him, other than the fact that was a "Dr. "  Then there was the poor girl who was afraid of her own shadow, and terrified of him, after she pulled out the pepper spray he was sure the date was over.  All Wade can hope for is that someday Katie will realize that he is in love with her. 
I loved this book, I think that one thing that made this book really great is the fact that you knew from the beginning that Wade loved Katie, that made it great watching the story develop.  The characters came to life for me and I was cheering Wade on!  You will definitely want to read this book, it is a great story, and I have to add the blurb at the end of the book for the next in the series, has me hooked.  I cannot wait to read it!  Great book, great story!  5 stars 85 pages $2.99 Amazon e-book

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