As We Forgive

June Foster
Desert Breeze Publishing Inc

Wow, if there was ever a person who needed to catch a break it is Tim Garrett.  Recognizing and trying to work through the anger issues he has, it was probably not the best idea for him to be working with teenagers.  However one teen seems intent on causing him as much trouble as possible.  Johnny is out to make his life miserable, and he is succeeding.
Enter Roxane Ratner, a young pretty woman in her mid twenties, she has caught the eye of Pastor Tim, but he is very cautious knowing his past issues, and having had a relationship that ended very badly.  Roxy, is a new Christian, and she has her own issues, dealing with abandonment by her father during her childhood.  Shopping and charging too many things on her charge accounts is her way of compensating, believing if she looks good, if her makeup is perfect and her hair and clothes up to date and stylish, she will be accepted.
The attraction between the two is very intense, perhaps too intense at times.  It is very interesting to see how they handle their attraction, in a Godly manner, but it is also heartbreaking sometimes, you just want to shake them both.  LOL.
This book is true to June's writing style, she doesn't mince around issues.  She faces them head on, bringing to light that Christian's are not perfect people fitting into the mold that others would try to place them in.  They are humans who each face struggles that everyone else face.  They have anger issues, they overspend, they feel abandoned.  All issues that many people in the world face everyday.  June writes a story showing the downfalls that often take place, however what I love is they keep getting up and trying to do the right thing!! A great story, and familiar friends are in this story too.  197pages $5.99 ebook 5 stars
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