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Hi June, Welcome to Cindy's Book Reviews.  Readers you have met June before, but I wanted to ask her some questions about her new book, that I reviewed yesterday.  So sit back and enjoy learning more about her.
So we will jump right in.
CBR:  In book one of the Bellewood series, your main character was a man who dealt with over eating and obesity, in this book, we have two characters who are dealing with anger issues and abandonment issue, compounded by overspending to compensate.  Why do you choose to use characters who are not the regular mold of a what the world expects from Christians?

I believe that Christians are like anyone else in the world. We are not immune to the problems, sins, and hardships that plague all of mankind. Sometimes I think Christians would like for people in the world to think we're perfect - that we don't have any problems and we live flawless lives. In actuality, nothing could be further than the truth. I believe when we as Christians are transparent and not afraid to allow others to see our faults, we can actually be better witnesses to people who struggle with similar problems. So, through my Christian characters, I'm able to communicate this message.

CBR:  Your books are set in Washington state, with beautiful descriptions, have you been to these places? 

Yes, I moved to Washington in 1998 and lived there for ten years. It is such a beautiful state. I wanted my readers to experience the area as well. I've been blessed to visit many of the places where my characters find themselves - Mt. Rainier, the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, plus the wonderful parks and recreation areas.
CBR:   In your life before "Life in an RV" you were a teacher, what subject did you teach?

I began my teaching career by working in the elementary grades. I think third grade was my favorite although I loved teaching sixth grade language arts. My last ten years of teaching, I worked with second language learners teaching English as a Second Language. I've taught Ukrainian, Russian, Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Bosnian, and even Kurdish students. My students ranged from beginners to advanced speakers. I taught both children and adults.
CBR: When will book three release in this series?    Are you working on anything else besides this?

Deliver Us, book three, in the Bellewood Series, releases April 1, 2013. Jess, Holly, Tim, and Roxanne all appear in this book, but the main characters are Riley Mathis and Jillian Coleman. Riley gave his life to the Lord while still serving time in prison for dealing and using drugs. Jillian is an obstetrician who delivers Holly's and Roxanne's babies. When Riley discovers Jillian was the young college girl he took advantage of ten years before, she doesn't remember him. But he lives in fear that she'll learn he was the father of her baby she so recklessly aborted. Now as a Christian, Jillian lives with the guilt ten years later. Riley doesn't want to fall in love with the beautiful doctor, but he does. Jillian admires Riley for his godly outlook on life - so different than the worldly but handsome Dr. Jett Camp who pursues her.
Right now, I'm finishing up my novel, The Way Home. The heroine is a Christian woman who falls in love with the hero she believes to be the perfect Christian man only to find out later he belongs to a non-Christian cult which mirrors Christianity.

In the fall, I hope to start a new project - a bi-racial romance between a wealthy black lawyer and a white woman who once lived on the streets. To my knowledge, there aren't too many mixed racial novels today.
CBR: You and your daughter like to make cards, do you also scrapbook?  

I did right up until the time I began writing. I have got so many albums. Many are about trips my husband and I have taken in our RV. But the most memorable are the albums I've done on family - all the way from great grandparents down to grandkids.

CBR:  June's books are available wherever your favorite ebooks are sold, but I am including some links to the books on Amazon.  Also you can learn more about June on her BLOG
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