Hi June, Welcome to Cindy's Book Reviews, I have reviewed a couple of your books, but this is our first interview. So I am excited for my readers to get to know you. First of all tell the CBR readers a bit about yourself.
Hi Cindy. Thank you for inviting me. I am a retired teacher, mother, and grandmother. I have a BA in Education and a MA in counseling. I have to joke and tell people I'm homeless which is partially true. My husband and I travel and live full time in our RV. My sweet guy took the couches out and put a table and two filing cabinets in to serve as my writing area. I'm probably the only author you know of whose office is in an RV.

What made you want to write books?
Well, Cindy, I truly believe the Lord called me to do it. I had never written fiction or had any desire to do so until November of 2009. I had noticed a story mulling around in my head for a few years and happened to tell it to my daughter one day. Her casual remark, "Mom, why don't you write it" was the spark I needed. I knew that I knew I had to write stories about Christian people who struggled with issues in their lives but overcame by the power of God.

Has writing books influenced your walk with Christ? If so how?
Yes, definitely. I believe I have a closer relationship with Him now. For one thing, I'm still in awe of the fact God himself placed this desire in my heart. Now I see God as my boss, in a small way like my principal when I was a teacher. God directs and guides my every step each day. Many times I ask Him to help me think of a way to express myself in my WIP or make a decision about marketing. Without Him, I doubt if I could accomplish anything.

Share a writing day with us, what does it look like when you write?
When I first get up, I grab a cup of coffee and sit down to read the word. I wouldn't try to begin a day without it. My Bible time is a necessary connection with the Lord. If I've got a goal of one or two chapters a day, I try to write them before I go to email, because there's always something in my email that requires time, occasionally taking up the whole day. I'm a notebook person, so I have all my folders, three by five cards, calendars, etc. sitting by my computer and start in working. Since I've got a chatty husband, I stop numerous times to talk to him, but that's okay. He's a wonderful man. Most days I do the cooking in between writing paragraphs but am blessed to have a husband who does laundry. Finally when I start looking at the computer cross- eyed, I figure it's time to quit. So with reluctance, I turn it off but enjoy relaxing and reading my kindle.

Who are some of the authors who influenced your writing?
Before I started writing, end time prophecy fiction was a favorite. But when I began writing inspirational romance, I realized I needed to read in the genre. Gail Gaymer Martin was one of the first authors I read. Mildred Colvin was another. She writes wonderful sweet contemporary and historical romances. Though Fay Lamb wasn't published at the time, she impacted my writing in a viable way. Fay is the moderator of Scribes with ACFW and offered wonderful critiques patiently helping me learn the many skills involved with writing fiction.

Off the subject of writing, I know you live in an RV and travel alot, what are some neat places you have seen this year?
Wow, in 2012 we've spent time in Coaldale, Colorado, Cullman, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida, Palmetto, Florida, Olympia, Washington, and El Paso, Texas.

Back to writing, can you share what you're working on at this time?
Yes, I'm working on Deliver Us, the third in my Bellewood Series, set in the Pacific Northwest. This book is under contract to Desert Breeze Publishing. In the story, the heroine is an obstetrician who lives with the guilt of aborting her baby ten years before when she hadn't walked with the Lord. The hero is the janitor at the hospital where she works and is sure he can't compete with the handsome Dr. Jett Camp vying for Jillian's affection. Riley regrets his past mistakes, his time spent in jail for dealing drugs, but praises God he gave his life to the Lord while in prison. When he finds out he's the father of Jillian's aborted baby he's devastated.

Where can my readers find your books? And where can they learn more about you and about your book releases?
I'm happy to share, Cindy. Here are some links.

Thanks June for joining us at CBR, before we go one last fun question, If you could write about anyone in the Bible (except Jesus) who would it be about, and why?
Oh, I love this challenging question. If I were enough of a Biblical scholar, I'd love to take characters and write their stories, kinda like Francine Rivers. But back to your question. Maybe I'd take Martha, of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus fame. I'm a Martha as well. I'd like to understand her and how she changed after Jesus told her Mary made the wisest choice by sitting at his feet and listening to him.
Thank you so much, Cindy, for having me on your blog as well as doing your reviews. You have a needed ministry to authors who need your TLC. 

June's Books:
A Hometown 4th of July                                                         

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