Echoes of Titanic

Mindy Starns Clark
James Campbell Clark
Harvest House Publishers

"Hostile takeover,"  those words are enough to make the most experience CEO's tremble.  They make Kelsey Tate tremble and much more, they make her angry!  Kelsey is on top of the world, she has just made Brennan and Tate's prestigious "Quarter Club"  bringing in twenty-five million dollars worth of business to the company, and Forbes magazine, just named her on their list of "Forty Under Forty to Watch."  So all should be great, however her friend Gloria is acting weird, and now some nut job just ruined her reception claiming that her grandmother was a fraud.  Yes, Kelsey is angry.  To add insult to injury, the word has come out that there is a hostile takeover in the works and the acting CEO of the company has banned her from the property.  She is not going to take this lying down.
A random phone call from her former boyfriend has them joining forces to figure out what is going on, and to try to find the famous bearer bonds that her Grandmother Adele brought with her during her rescue from the sinking Titanic.  However Kelsey isn't sure she will survive this investigation intact, emotionally or physically.  Finding out old friends have betrayed her family's company and her grandmother's memory really hurts, and when one of those old friends threatens to kill her, her faith in her judgement is shaken.  Will the Brennan and Tate company survive, and remain a family company or will the big conglomerate get the company dirt cheap?
Ohh I enjoyed this book immensely!  I normally am not overly fond of books that switch back and forth between historical times, but it was fascinating to hear Adele's story on the Titanic and to follow along with how her descendants are going forward in the company she helped to build.  A great story with a great plot, you will not want to put this one down!!  385 pages $US 14.99 4 stars
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