Perfectly Ridiculous

A Universally Misunderstood Novel
Kristin Billerbeck

Well Daisy Crispin is out of high school and sure that it is time for her parents to loosen up.  To let her have a life.  Of course her parent do not think so.  In fact they refuse to allow her to go to Argentina on her own, well with her best friend Claire.  A late notice from the insurance company that held her scholarship, has Daisy scrambling for another week of mission work.  She is sure she has found the perfect mission project, working in Argentina helping with VBS, and Claire will hang out at the hotel the first week, then the second week they will meet up and have a bit of a vacation before they return to California.  Of course Daisy is hoping to revive her relationship with Max. 
And pure Daisy Crispin style it all blows up in her face.  Libby the leader of the mission where Daisy is serving, hates her, all the other workers turns out to be boys, when it was supposed to be an all female staff.  Another student who is there ends up being stung by a scorpion and breaking his arm, and when things just seem like they cannot get worse they do. 
I love Kristin Billerback's writing.  She truly realizes how easy it is for teenage girls to find themselves in the middle of a big mess and is able to write it in a way that is understandable and humorous.  A great story that you will love!! I did!  245 pages US $12.99 4 stars
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Available July 2012 from your favorite seller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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