Need You Now

Beth Wiseman
Thomas Nelson

As a reader of Beth Wiseman books I realized with this book that Beth has found her niche.  You could feel the passion in her writing, I enjoyed this book much more than I have her other books.  Contemporary fiction becomes Beth very well.
I enjoyed this book, and I know that for some that are ultra conservative (which I too am) that there were scenes in the book that won't sit well, the hint of infidelity, the lack of communication, etc.  However I felt that Beth took what too often happens in real life and handled it wonderfully.  Her reconciliation scenes and handling of touchy issues was superb.  I also loved the story of Layla, Darlene is clueless about who she is trying to befriend until her husband tells her, but still Darlene presses on and leads Layla back into a position where she mends her failing relationships with God and her ex.  This book thrilled me over and over.  I laughed and cried, and felt the pain of Grace as she dealt with trying to be the perfect child.
A great story, and I hope to hear more from Beth in this genre SOON!!  307 pages US $15.99 4 stars

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