Book Drawing for After All....

OK, I have two copies of this to give away, another one arrived this week...ROFL   thanks to the publisher YAY...so here is a convo between my friend and I.....OHHH for informational purposes I had 4 comments left....

cndloven: Pick a number 1 - 4 for me
vernetlh: 4
vernetlh: what for?
cndloven: book drawing
vernetlh: Jenna says 2
cndloven: ok
cndloven: i  have two copies so I will send them both a copy
vernetlh: ok':)

so commentors number 4 is Jackie Tessnair and number 2 is Cafelily....please email me your mailing addresses as soon as possible...I will contact you also. 
Thanks to you ladies, you are my faithful readers!!


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