After All

A Hanover Falls Novel
Book Three
Deborah Raney
Howard Books

I loved re-joining old friends from the first two novels, and seeing how their lives have progressed.  It is always neat to see how they have moved on in their lives.
Susan Marlowe has gone forward in her life, nevertheless it is not easy.  Loosing her husband and the love of her life, she realizes that while things were a bit different in her marriage with David, she never realized exactly how things were.  David's death took a secret to his grave, but that secret was not staying buried with him.  Their son Davy knew the truth and it is now destroying his life, as he cannot handle the truth that his father was not what he had thought he was. 
Susan is not sure how to help Davy, because he is not revealing all he knows until a fire in the woods behind their house brings things to a head. 
Pete Brennan, fire chief will never forget the fire that cost him so many lives of his fire fighters.  He carries that burden with him, along with a failed marriage, he is not sure he will ever date again, much less fall in love.  Imagine his surprise when suddenly he is trying to juggle two women in his life.  Susan Marlowe the wife of one of his firefighters lost in the fire, and Andrea Morely the area fire inspector.  Will he figure it out before he looses something important in his life. 
I loved the conclusion to the Hanover Falls Series.  Deborah Raney truly tells a story that hooks you and keeps you reading to the end.  A great story that deals with loss, hurts and betrayals, she handles the story line wonderfully.  You have to read this series.  A great series.  353 pages US $14.99 4 stars

This book was provided by Howard Books for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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