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Hi, Julie Welcome to Cindy's Book Reviews.  We are so excited to have this chance to interview you since the awards were announced with the Family Fiction Readers Choice Awards.  You won big with several categories and we are so excited about that.  For those of you who haven't read Julie's books you can see my reviews here (just click on the titles)
Deadly Disclosures
The Shadowed Mind
Pieces of Light

So for a few questions....How did you find out about the results of the votes?  
Because I live in Australia, it was the middle of the night when the results were released. That morning, as I tried to wake up with my first coffee of the day, I saw you had sent me a message congratulating me!  I woke up pretty fast when I saw that the results from the Family Fiction Readers Choice Awards were in.  I was hoping to place again this year, as last year Deadly Disclosures and The Shadowed Mind both placed 10th for Novel of the Year.  However, this year's results blew away my mind!

How did it feel (if your able to express that) to know that not only were you #5 in New Authors category, but you also placed #10 in over all authors. What a great honor to have those votes in both categories. 
 I couldn't really believe it because it is an open category, so I was effectively competing with all the well-known authors.  It is such a huge honor!  I feel so grateful to all those who voted for me.  It's thanks to the support from readers and bloggers like you that made these results possible.  I am so thankful!

And your last book Pieces of Light was number 6 in the books category. Share a bit about the book for my readers who may have missed the review.  (See the link above for my review of this book)

 Pieces of Light involves Dinah Harris investigating a series of bombings targeting churches.  The bomber seems intent on ridding the world of God.  You'll also meet a young woman named Isabella, who is struggling with effects of childhood domestic violence and an abusive marriage.  Dinah must uncover the tragedy in the bomber's childhood in order to stop him.  This is a book about man's depravity and God's limitless grace and mercy.

So now we get to the good part, is Dinah Harris finished or will we be reading more about her?
At the moment, Dinah Harris is taking a little break.  However, I can't imagine never writing about her again, and there are so many great story  lines in my head that revolve around her

What are you working on currently? 
 I'm working on two projects: a novel about vilification, bullying, family secrets, corruption and betrayal set in Virginia.  I'm also writing a young adult fantasy novel which is creatively a lot of fun.

Where are some places my readers can find your books for purchase? 
You can find them here  
or here

Before we go, share a bit about your family, I know there have been some changes (a new baby I believe) since I first "met" you in blogworld.
 I am married to Terry, who is in full time ministry at our church, with two young daughters: a fiesty three year old named Jasmine, and a sweet nine-month-old named Sienna.

Thanks for sharing with my
readers and we look forward to more from you!!~Cindy  
Thank you!

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