The Shadowed Mind

A Dinah Harris Mystery
Julie Cave
Master Books a Division of New Leaf Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Dinah Harris has been through the wringer, a high profile, profiler with the FBI, she finds herself fired.  Her alcoholism has finally cost her, her job.  After solving the murders of the Smithsonian staff members, and showing up in public drunk, she was too much of a liability to the FBI.  So after going into rehab, and giving her life to God, Dinah is ready to start living again.  Sober.  She starts up her own business as a consultant, to help police or other agencies with crimes they have trouble solving.
She soon finds herself immersed in a case with Detective Samson Cage.  Someone is killing what would appear to be to the killer "the undesirables."  Trying to glean out the people he feels has nothing to offer society.  As she and Detective Cage investigate this case and learn more about eugenics and what was driving this mad killer.
Struggling with her alcoholism and her anger issues, Dinah and Detective Cage seem to be an odd pair. He is rarely ruffled, and seems to be in control of himself at all times, and Dinah who seems to constantly battle her anger issues, they indeed are an odd pair.  But getting to know each other and working closely Dinah learns things about Detective Cage run much deeper than the surface appears.  Trying to figure all that out, on top of finding a killer, keeps Dinah on her toes.
Julie Cave has brought another awesome book, and I so excited to finish it and write this review.  Her first book Deadly Disclosures was an awesome book, and really pegged our government and society, as does this one.  I truly enjoyed this book, and they just get better each book, and I cannot wait for Pieces of Light due out in June of 2011.  281 pages $US 9.99 5 stars

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
Download the first chapter of Pieces of Light at www.juliecave.com

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