Race Against Time

Christy Barritt
Love Inspired Books

Madison Jacobs should be dead.  He hung her. She SHOULD be dead, but her neighbor, Brody Phillips a new detective in her town interrupted the murderer just in time.  A note left to make it look like a suicide, clues the detective and the police force to the fact that maybe the two suicides in their small town, are not exactly what they seem.  Further investigation reveal that each suicide note spells out the name of the next victim.  And Detective Brody Phillips name is spelled out in the next suicide/murder.  Someone wants him dead and will use Madison or whoever they can to accomplish what they have set out to do.  Destroy Detective Phillips.  That is the goal, how will this small town handle this type of assault on their town.  Working together the crime will be solved, but how many will die before it is solved. 
I love Christy Barritt's books, she has a great gift for writing awesome suspense novels.  She keeps you guessing, I thought it was a great book, and while I had a clue who the killer was, I kept go back and forth between my prime suspects.  LOL  Great job, great book Christy Barritt!! 4.5 stars 218 pages

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