Leaving Lancaster

Kate Lloyd
David C. Cook Publishing

Esther Gingerich and Samuel Fisher left home in their Rumspringa, never to return together. Samuel lost his conscientious objector status by not being at home with his Amish family, and was drafted into the Vietnam War to never return. And Esther was ashamed that she had caused Samuel's death by convincing him to leave. Now her mother Anna Gingerich has sent her a letter telling Esther she is ill, and the family is moving away to Montana. How will she explain all this to Holly, her daughter. Holly has always wanted a family and she is furious with her mother for hiding this family from her. Will they resolve their differences?

Well I have dreaded writing my review of this book. I love to love stories. I did not love this story, I did not like this story. The two lead characters were contentious, always snipping and belittling each other. I am a peacemaker and this was a hard book to read. I just could not get past the discord between this adult (37 yo old woman) and her mother, each of them nitpicking at the other. Not a book I would recommend to my friends. 3 stars 363 pages US $14.99

This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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