Promised to Another

Book Three
Amish of Seymour
Laura V. Hilton
Releases March 2012
Whitaker House

Annie Beiler just wanted order in her life, but mostly she wanted to be loved and to love. But it seems it is not to be, she was set to marry Luke Schwartz, but he jumped fence and left Amish, in the middle of his classes to join the church. Even though he was back, she knew that marrying Luke would be settling, and she wanted true love. She wondered why no one was asking to take her home after singings, how would she ever find love, if she could not even get a bu to take her home after singing?
Joshua Esh, just wanted to see the world. He had come to Seymour with the man swap arranged by the Amish communities in Missouri and Pennsylvania, but he had no intention of staying, but he was keeping that to himself. He knew that as an only child, he was expected to take over his family's farm. What he didn't count on was loosing his heart to a certain girl named Annie. However it was made plain from the other bu in the neighborhood that Annie was not available. He just could not accept that and set out to win her heart.
Having been a long time fan of Ms. Hilton's, I just was blown away at this book, there are twists and turns that will keep you coming back until you finish this story. I laughed and cried, over and over. Each book Ms. Hilton writes keep getting better! This book is definitely a book to put on the top of your must read list for Spring 2012! 5 stars, 304 pages, US $10.99

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