A Plain Death

An Appleseed Creek Mystery
Amanda Flower
Due to Release July 1, 2012
B & H Publishing

Chloe Humphrey is moving to Amish country.  She is not really sure what to expect, but knows that this job can give her the experience that she needs.  Technology Services director at the small local college, she knows that she will gain great experience, what she doesn't count on is the tension in her department, nor does she expect the job of having to decide who will be downsized in her department. 
The first day she arrives in town, is an eventful day for Chloe, topping the hill coming into town, she comes upon two  guys who are trying to kidnap a young Amish woman.  Without thinking, she swoops in and takes the young woman home with her.  And then the excitement really begins.  An accident that turns out to be a deliberate act against her, makes her know that she has to get to the bottom of what is going on in her small world.  Why someone would want to hurt her or Becky, or cause the accident. 
I enjoyed this book greatly, I have never read any books from Amanda Flower and saw this when I researching Amish books that are also suspense, and saw this book and requested to review it.  A very enjoyable story that ends with a bang, and also there is a few things left that make you feel the story will go in in another book in this series.  I hope so!! Great book, great story, great writing!  4 stars, 336 pages,  US  $14.99
This book is due to release July 2012.  This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.  Thank you B & H Publishing (Julie Gwin) for providing this book.

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