Sweeter than Birdsong

The Saddler Legacy
Rosslyn Elliot
Thomas Nelson

Kate Winter has a dream of graduating college, however her inability to speak before people, may be her undoing. Being unable to give a speech will keep her from graduating.  Then she becomes passionate about something, and maybe her inability to speak is overcome.

We re-join the Hanby family, (Fairer than Morning) this time centering around Will and Ann's son Ben.  Ben is also a student of the same college Kate is, and highly talented in music.  He is also feeling a strong call to the ministry.  However he takes up the cause for which his parents have worked tirelessly, fighting the evils of slavery.  An unplanned event, draw Kate into the rescue of a young family from a slave plantation in Kentucky. This even will make Kate and Ben will both realize the true cruelties of slavery, and it will awaken a passion in Kate, that will break her silence.

I loved this book!  Rosslynn Elliot does a wonderful job of turning the true life story of Kate Winter and Ben Hanby (yes they were real people) into a beautiful work of fiction.  Her research is flawless, bringing to life true characters and happenings of the Civil Rights work, into this story.  I enjoyed this book, and look forward to more books from Rosslyn.

This book was provided for review purposes only by Thomas Nelson Publishers.  No payment was received for this review.

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