The Captive Heart - Review

The Daughters of Caleb Bender Book 2
Dale Cramer

We join this story after the Caleb Bender family have been in Paradise Valley in Mexico for a year.  Arriving in 1922, this story begins in 1923 with the arrival of a couple more families, who are there to help set up the new Amish colony in Mexico.  The land is fertile, the Lord has blessed the efforts of Caleb's family and all their work is rewarded with good crops, and the beginnings of a lovely farm. 
However the country of Mexico is in turmoil, bandits roam the country taking what they want.Where they were once safe because of their location, and the Senor who lives in their valley they are no longer safe.  The death of Pancho Villa, has caused the fear the bandits had of robbing their valley.  However it is one bandit, El Pantera, who causes them the most trouble.  He has made it clear he wants to take Rachel, to sell into slavery.  Her bright red hair will bring him much money. 
Miriam, one of Caleb's daughter however is who this story centers around.  Her struggle with facing the fact that she is in love with Domingo, the native worker on their farm.  She realizes however that he is not saved, and is a warrior at heart, and would never be Amish, and she knows that will cause great pain to her family.  She has to come to terms with what her heart wants and what she knows she should do. 
This story is fast paced, and is very interesting.  The interaction between the families arriving and joining their community is interesting.  It seems there are many romances in the air.  This story will prove to be a splendid read for all fans of Amish books.  It is inspired by actual events and the history is very interesting. I look forward to the next installment of this story.  I am very interested to see what and how the Bender family move forward in the story. 
This book was provided by Bethany House for review purposes.  No payment was received for this review.  344 pages US $14.99 4 stars

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