In the Shadow of Evil

Robin Caroll
B & H Publishing

Layla Taylor has become successful in a man's business.  She was a top contractor for her area, in fact she had won an award, and she was even nominated on the next level for another award.  Things are going great for her, but a fire at a Homes of Hope house leaves a murdered man, and leaves Layla in the eye of suspicion.  How will she clear her name?  Is she the target?   She is not sure the police department will be able to clear up this mystery before her business is ruined.  She starts poking around, asking questions, which leads to more crime and violence.  Her office is broken into, her records destroyed with her computers.  Her sister's life work at Second Chance is threatened when a bomb explodes in the main residence and seriously injures her fiance.  Plus a mysterious illness is striking down people in her church.  It is a scary time for Layla, will her faith carry her through all this? And why did the detective on this case make her nervous, what was it about him that made her pulse race?  The attraction between them bothers her, she knows he isn't a Christian, and that is a big thing to overcome. 
I loved this book, and could not put it down.  Robin Carroll's books are always so enjoyable, it is so nice to read a good mystery/suspense novel that is centered around Christ.  Great book!  4.5 stars, 297 pages US $14.99
This book was provided by B & H for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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