Words Spoken True

Ann H. Gabhart

Have you ever wondered if you were born in the wrong era? That is truly what has happened to Adriane Darcy.  A young woman raised in Kentucky in the 1850's, she had hung around her father's newspaper all her life.  Her mother died giving birth, and she often hid out at the newspaper hiding from a cruel stepmother.  All Adriane was interested in was writing.  She truly had a gift for writing, and would like nothing more than to be a reporter.  But it just wasn't done in the pre-Civil War South.  Her fate was marrying well and hoping that her husband would allow her to write a few editorials for her father. 
When Stanley Jimson proposed to her, her father was delighted.  Stanley Jimson was from a prominent Lexington family and he knew that Adriane would be cared for.
However there is a slasher loose in the city of Lexington and he is killing immigrant young women.  Horribly killing them.  The whole town is afraid for the women of the city.  What business does a proper young woman have trying to get a lead on such a story?  Her father would be horrified to know she was out on the streets, trying to find out  who was doing these horrible crimes.  In fact she wanted nothing more than to beat Blake Garrett with the lead story. 
This book was a good book,  a bit slow starting, but it picked up.  Ann Gabhart is great at bringing historical's to life and keeping them interesting.  353 pages $14.99 4 stars
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Available February 2012 from your favorite sell of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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