An Amish Family Reunion

Mary Ellis
Harvest House Publishers

Phoebe Miller is a quiet shy, introverted young woman whose main interest is drawing.  She isn't interested in home skills, nothing but drawing.  She is a bit of a dreamer, but she is so shy, she doesn't share those dreams with anyone.  At nearly eighteen, she knows that she needs to begin growing up, after all most girls her age have jobs, helping to bring money home to the family.  An advertising brochure for a trip to Niagara Falls, catches her attention and that is all she can think of, how will she convince her daed?  Her mamm helps convince him, and Phoebe Miller's life will never be the same.
She meets Eli Riehl, and is amazed by his imagination and his love for words.  His imagination leads them to collaborate on a children's story.  With Eli providing the imagination and story, and Phoebe drawing the illustrations.  What neither of them expect is the feelings that began to grow between them.  Have they met their mates for life?  Eli's father has a heart attack and Eli abandons the project has convinced Phoebe that he is not her soul mate, and that she must move on with her attentions. 
A side story to Phoebe's story, is her Aunt Julia gathering all her kinner home for a month long visit, concluding in a large family reunion.  Julia is sure that she can help her grown children resolve the issues that she plainly sees in their families, however as usually happens, her help seems to be causing more problems.  I enjoyed this book and getting to know each of the Miller children, and their intricate family stories.  352 pages 4 stars US $13.99
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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