A Marriage for Meghan

The Wayne County Series
Mary Ellis
Harvest House Publishers

Meghan Yost has a dream, she wanted to be a school teacher and lead  kinner into learning.  However, her own father didn't seem to believe in her dream.  And neither did Jacob, her "sort of boyfriend."  In fact it seemed that no one but Meghan believed in her dream.  However a chance presented itself and with great powers of persuasion and some help from her mother, she was allowed to follow her dream.  Sort of, she was allowed to co-teach with her sister Catherine, being trained by Catherine to be able to teach alone.
It seems that someone in the community has something against her family.  Or pehaps someone has something against all Amish, since the horrible things that are happening in the community are not just against the Yosts, but other families as well.  Her father, Gideon calls the law, even though that is not normal for the Amish.  Will his congregation turn against him, for bringing in outsiders?   
This book seemed a bit slow to me.  I don't know if it was because there were so many side stories going on, or what it was, but it took me all day to read the book, and that is not normal.  I did enjoy Meghan's story, it just felt like too many of the side stories distracted from Meghan's story.  The book does not conclude with a wedding, so perhaps we will see Meghan in another story.  304 pages, $US 13.99 3 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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