Vanish in Plain Sight

Marta Perry
HQN Books
Fiction/Romantic Suspense

Marissa Angelo has always missed her mother.   She had left Marissa  and her father to return to the Amish life she had left behind upon marrying.  Supposedly.   At only five years old, not much was told to Marissa or explained to her, and the memories that she had of her mother and her childhood, she has suppressed.  However during a remodel job at a house in Springville, where her mother once worked as a housekeeper, a discovery was fixing to change all of that.  Her mother's suitcase was discovered hidden inside the drywall.  A suitcase with blood on it.  Marissa is determined that knowing what happened, however hard that may be to accept, will be much better than the torment of not knowing.  She also has determined she is not returning home to Baltimore until she has answers.  How was she to know that these decisions would place her in physical danger, and also result in her loosing her heart to Link Morgan, the man who found the suitcase? 
Just trying to find people who can help her remember her mother, seems to put the people in the small town of Springville on edge, the Englishers and Amish alike.  After gaining permission from the Bishop to speak to her relatives, she is dismayed that not all of them are willing to talk with her.  How will she ever learn more about her mom? 
This book is a great pocket sized mystery.  Chock full of excitement and suspense, you will have to keep reading to the end to find out who is responsible for all the trouble brought upon Marissa, and the Morgan family.  Definitely a nice way to spend an afternoon!!  376 pages US $7.99 4 stars.

This book was given to me as a gift, I chose to review it on my own.  No payment was received for my review. 

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