Give Us This Day

Bellewood Book One
June Foster
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
ISBN 978-1-61252-134-3

It all began in an elevator.  A stuck elevator.  Holly Harrison, noticed that the chubby man in the elevator with her had the kindest face she has ever seen, and once they were stuck, she realized he was truly a kind man.  Jess Colton, was a handsome man, and a kind man, taking the stuck elevator situation under control, he kept Holly calm by praying with her and by getting them help.  Score one for Jess! 
A promise made during the situation brings Jess and Holly back together, as she attends church with him, just like she promised God she would during her panic stricken moments stuck in the elevator.  Attending church however opens Holly up to the relationship she once had with God and makes her realize that she is missing that relationship.  A face-your-issues and deal-with-your-problems  style novel, this story finds Jess and Holly both facing the issues in life that keep them bound in their own type of prisons.  Prisons that are self-imposed, and that are also imaginary, ones they don't seem to be able to break out of.  This is a heart-warming story of overcoming our issues, and moving forward.  Solving our problems and finding love.  A story that will not disappoint.  320 pages 4 stars!  Available in e-book format from your favorite seller of e-books.
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