Blood of the Prodigal

P.L. Gaus
Ohio University Press

While this is not a new book, nor is the author new, I just discovered his writing while exploring for books that are Amish mysteries.  I have to say I am so glad that I found him, I truly enjoyed this book.   His books are different from the average Amish novel, first of all they are mysteries, secondly the main characters are not Amish, but live in Amish country and are trying to solve a mystery for an Amish bishop.  He did use words for the Amish vernacular that I have never heard (read) before, but trust that they are  authentic, since the author himself is from Amish country.
Bishop Eli Miller contact Pastor Caleb Troyer and Professor Michael Branden asking for help to locate his missing son, who took his grandson away.  Problem is, the grandson has been missing for a month before he contacted Pastor Troyer.  The biggest issue is, the Bishop does not want law enforcement involved, nor does he want them to contact the son, just find him.  The entire scenario changes when the Bishop's son Jonah is found dead on the road leading to his house.  In fact it is discovered then, that when the boy disappeared a ransom note was left by someone other than the Bishop's son.  A tangled mess to unravel, the Professor along with his wife, and the local police do solve the mystery.  4 stars 230 pages
This book was purchased, and I chose to review it. No fees were paid for this review.
I wanted to add this book was reprinted and released again in 2010 by Plume

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