Gone to Ground

Brandilyn Collins
B&H Fiction

This book is awesome!! Probably my favorite book from Brandilynn!  I enjoyed it so much. Intense, page to page action that will draw you in, and hook you!  Great story, great action, great book!

Three different women, all from a small town in the south, Amaryllis Mississippi.  Each so different from the other, a young nineteen year old girl married to a boy a bit older than her, expecting her first baby.  Tully Phillips didn't realize she was marrying an abuser, but it didn't take her long to find out.  Cherrie Mae Devine, was a older lady who cleaned houses in town, but she was getting older and it was harder on her these days.She loves reading classics and quoting her favorite lines in situations that fit them.  Deena Ruckland, once married to John Cotter one of the small town's police officers, the owner of Deena's Cut n Style, knows everyone in town, and cuts most of their hair. 
All three women are connected by the gruesome murders that has their small town in knots.  Five murders committed exactly alike and now a sixth murder has taken place and all three women are afraid they know who committed those murders, the only problem, they all think it is three different people. 
Follow this story as they join together to prove who is guilty and who is innocent.  As they discover who the real killer is.  I have to say the ending caught me by surprise, I was totally caught off guard to who the murderer was, with the exception of the last murder, that was obvious from the beginning of the book.  I love books that surprise me like that, and you will love this one too!!  321 pages US $14.99 5 stars
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.  Thanks to Suspense Zone for having this book sent to me!

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