The Christmas Shoppe

Melody Carlson

Do you have everything you need?  Well neither do the people of Parrish Springs, however they do not understand that the things they really need are not things but perhaps concepts and feelings.  Like love, forgiveness, peace, kindness.  When a new lady comes to town, Matilda Honeycutt and buys the Barton Building, the downtown businesses are worried about what type of business will be going in.  Imagine their dismay, after waiting weeks it seems this business is a thrift store, filled with horrible junk.  But as each person visits the store, and approach Matilda about her business, they find out that this is no ordinary thrift shop, money never changes hands, and each person leaves under what seems to be a 'spell.' What is going on in Parrish Springs?  Councilman Snider is determined to put this scam to an end, and get that building for himself, he riles up the town over it, but finds himself falling under the same spell.  The town of Parrish Springs will never be the same! 
This was a cute little book, with a wonderful story that things will never bring us all that we need and that often the exact thing that we need is not tangible.  I enjoyed this new holiday book from Melody, she proves once again that her skills as a story teller are indeed marvelous.  4 stars US $15.99, 176 pages. 

This book was provided for review purposes only.  No payment was received for this review. 

Available November 2011 from your favorite seller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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