The Mercy

Rose Trilogy Book 3
Beverly Lewis
Bethany House

Rose Kauffman misses her friend Nick, but he left the Amish community after his adopted brother died, his rebellious spirit, has led to the "silencing" of his adopted father Bishop Aaron.  However Rose knows that her life must go forward, because Nick will probably never come back, and besides, he is not Amish, and she is determined to follow God. 
She is happy that her sister Hen and her husband Brandon have resolved their relationship, and are now living closer to home and also serving God together in a small country church nearby.  They seem so happy, and another baby is on the way. 
As Rose moves on with life, she is sure that she has finally found love when she starts dating a boy from another district.  Isaac however does not seem to be as dedicated to his faith, as Rose is to hers, and she is crushed when she finds out that he really is trying to live in the English world and the Amish world both.  She knows she can never marry someone not dedicated to the Lord, or to his faith.
My only negatives I have to say about this book is it ended too quick, it seemed to wrap up way too fast.  Also it was book three of a trilogy, and it really made the story to know what the first two books were about (which I read them) I prefer for a story to stand alone. 
A great story however, told in true Beverly Lewis style!  A great redemptive story of Hen and Brandon, a wonderful story of redemption of family values for Hen.  I loved their characters and was glad their ending was happy.  I also loved the ending for Rose, but no spoilers here!!  4 stars!

This book was provided by Bethany House for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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