Book of Dreams

Davis Bunn
Howard Books

Dr. Burroughs is a expert in dreams.  Intrepreting them, and general  knowledge about why you are dreaming.  What she is not an expert on, however is dealing with grief and moving on past her husband's death.  Nor can she really give herself the meaning of some of the dreams she has about him.  A new client moves her practice into a totally new level.  The wife of a high powered dignitary, the new patient's dream is so disturbing, it even has Dr. Burroughs rattled. 
The gift of an ancient family heirloom from her friend and mentor, takes her dream intrepretation into a whole new arena.  This book was so different from most books I read, that I really have struggled to put into words my review of the book.  First of all I have to say I liked the book, and it gets 4 stars.  But it was so different, a bit more political than I normally read, but the author truly had his finger 'spot on' the political and economic scene of America, and the world in fact.  A bit of a conspiracy theory story, but not so much that you feel like someone is after you too for reading the story.  All in all I have to say a great book, definitely interesting!!  4 stars 328 pages US $14.99

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