Along Wooded Paths

A Big Sky Novel
Tricia Goyer
B & H Publishing

This was a great book!  I enjoyed it so much and it helped me understand book one more.  Marianna is back in Montana helping her family out after her younger brother's accident.  What she has found is that she is loving being back with her family and growing closer to God and to her family.  She and Ben are getting very close, which is worrying her, she knows that he can never be Amish and she knows she can never leave.  And what of Aaron Zook back in Indiana? 
Well Aaron isn't in Indiana after all he is in Montana, in fact he is at her home.  With a broken leg sustained from an accident on the icy roads.  Now Mari feels cornered, how will she handle all this pressure that she is feeling with Aaron in her home. 
A great story that will leave you looking for book three with great anticipation.  I look forward to finding where Mari's future will be?  While this book is following an Amish book tradition, with an ongoing story book to book, it differs very much from other Amish stories, in the way that the Amish in Montana are not as 'separate' as other Amish stories portray.  Which at first confused me, but later as I read this book it became more clear to me, that it was setting the story.  I have to say a great book!! Loved it!  4.5 stars, 294 pages US $14.99

This book was provided by B & H Publishing for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.

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