The Wonder of Your Love

A Land of Canaan Novel
Beth Wiseman
Thomas Nelson Publishers

CBR Reviews:

Katie Ann Stoltzfus is living the life no woman should ever have to live, but to hear an Amish lady is living this life is so surprising.  Her husband left her for another woman, and then he died, never knowing the son that God had seen fit to bless their family with.  Maybe God knew Katie Ann would need Jonas to go on, to have something to live for, since it was such a shameful thing to happen to her.  Katie Ann is a rather nervous new mother, remember her young sister who had just suddenly quit breathing, she constantly checks on Jonas. 
A wedding brings a new person to town, Eli Detweiler has come to town for the wedding of his niece and he is so nice.  The widowed father of a six kinner, he does sort of come off as a know it all to Katie Ann and nearly digs himself a hole he cannot get out of by assuming Jonas is her grandchild.  However he finally breaks through and they become great friends.  In fact Katie Ann is afraid she might have serious feelings for him, but knowing he is in a different time for his life, having raised his kinner, and her with a new baby, she knows she has to tread carefully.
I enjoyed this book very very much.  The characters were very real and believable for me.  I could relate to them, and there was just a tone in the book that I cannot explain that made the book more interesting for me, maybe it was because the characters lived out their lives, and I don't think there was one mention of the Ordnung in this book.  277 pages US $15.99 4 stars

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson (BookSneeze) for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 

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