Freezing Point

Elizabeth Goddard
Love Inspired Suspense

CBR Review:
Jesse was undercover again, it was the first time since he had blown his last cover and he was tense. And now this reporter woman keeps showing up wanting to do a story on ice sculptors, which is his cover. Is she really looking for a story about that, or is she after a deeper story? He has to stay on his toes to make sure he doesn't blow this job. The biggest problem seems to be that this reporter can seemingly find trouble anywhere, from wandering around the ice plant, onto the loading docks, to having someone follow her around stalking her.
Casey Wilkes knows that leaving Oregon was the right thing, surely Will Tannin cannot find her all the way here Orange Crossings California. The man was obsessed however with destroying her, so she wasn't sure she was safe anywhere. She knew though she would have to have a job and approached the local paper, who told her if she got the story on the local ice sculpting competition and a local ice sculptor she would have have a job. So that was exactly what she was doing, going after a story. Who knew she would find so much trouble doing that.
A quick read, lots of action to keep your attention and a sweet love story to end it all. Definitely a great way to spend an evening!! 4 stars 214 pages US $5.75

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