The Book of Days

A Novel

James L. Rubart
B & H Publishing

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

What if there were a book that showed us all our days, that told us what the future held for us. All my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began. Psalm 139:16 Cameron Vaux is on a quest to find out if there is a physical book, here on this earth that tells us of our days. Having faced the tragedy of loosing his father, first to Alzheimer's and then to death, while his father was still young, then loosing his dear wife Jessie after only five years of marriage, Cameron remembers things they told him.
Things about the Book of Days, things that would show him what the future held for him. Would he end up loosing his memory like his dad did.
Traveling to Three Peaks Oregon, to research what Jessie had told him about the Book of Days, he asked Ann Banister to help him. Ann and Cameron's wife Jessie had grown up in the same foster home and were the best of friends. Ann was on a quest to find out about her mom and the one picture she had of her mom, was taken in Three Peaks Oregon.
Would Cameron and Ann find the answers they both needed for their lives to move forward? They both had been trapped in the past by their hurts and confusion, would they find healing in Three Peaks? Jim Rubart once again brings us a book that will keep you reading to the end. His wonderful writing will weave the story right into you, and you will have to finish this book to know how the story ends! I love Jim's writing, and this book is no exception. Another great book from Jim Rubart and from B & H Fiction!400 pages US $14.99 4 stars

This book was provided by B & H Fiction for review purposes only, no payment was provided for this review

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