Brandilyn Collins
Seatbelt Suspense

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Joanne Weeks is a a skiptracer.  Hunting down folks who have skipped bail, but this time, she has a big fish in her sights.  And it is not a skipper, it is a well respected business man, Baxter Johnson, in her town.  She is sure that he has killed both of his wives, his first wife, Linda being her best friend.  However her accusations to the police chief are overheard and make the front page of the local newspaper, needless to say the heat is up now.
During a storm someone jumps out in front of her vehicle, warning her that she needs to find Melissa Harkoff, the sixteen year old foster child of Baxter and Linda, at the time of Linda's death. Joanne starts on a course of trying to find the now twenty two year old Melissa. 
A wild night after she finally finds Melissa, convinces Joanne that she is in eminent danger.  In fact she is pretty sure the guy trying to kill Melissa is also trying to kill her.  She knows that Baxter Johnson is behind it all, despite his lousy attempt of doing the "Christian" thing, by bringing the pastor to her house.  Joanne is determined that the truth will come out about these deaths!  She feels like she owes it to her friend Linda.
This is the first Brandilyn Collins book that I have read and I loved it.  This book was exciting and you were on the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next.  I loved the characters and the story, just a great book, that you will not want to miss! 314 pages US $14.99 5 stars

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