Uncertain Heart

Andrea Boeshaar
Book Two Seasons of Redemption
Realms (a Strang company)
Historical Fiction/Christian

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

While this book will totally stand alone, you will recognize characters from the first book of this series.  The main character of this book, Sarah McCabe has left Jericho Junction and has headed to the big city.  Certain that she is truly a city girl, Sarah leaves behind the small town and her family, determined to be an independent young woman.  After a job at a music school in Chicago falls through, Sarah is delighted to find a job in Milwaukee as a governess to four young children.  Brian Sinclair, Sarah's boss, is a widower who is very good looking.  A dashingly handsome man, he is a rich man used to getting what he wants, and his morals seem to not be very important to him.  Sarah is awed by this man, he is the man of her dreams or so she believes until she begins noticing that he is not what he seems.  Often overwhelmed by the situation she finds herself in, Sarah leans hard on Richard, Brian Sinclair's indentured apprentice, and Sarah first friend in Milwaukee.  Sarah is attracted to Richard, but he wants to be a farmer, and she is determined that she will be a city woman. 
A story you will not want to put down until you finish it.  I truly enjoyed this story, I think even more than the first one of the series and I loved that one also.  Follow Sarah McCabe's story as she learns that life in the big city, is definitely different than in small towns.  I truly was in amazement at the faith of Richard and Sarah both in the book, and was please to see even fictional characters can share their faith.  A great book!304 pages $12.99 US  4 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this book.

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