Christmas at Harrington's

Melody Carlson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Life certainly has not been kind to Lena Markham,  she is just released from prison after being wrongfully convicted of embezzlement.  A sneaky husband, who was a minister supposedly, kept assuring her he would get her out of prison, while all the time, he was just setting up the case to frame her.  Well the fight totally left her after realizing the depth of betrayal by her husband, and her family and friends.  Now eight years have passed and she is being released early for good behavior.  What will she do, and where will she go? 
While in prison, her parents both died, and her husband divorced her, so she chooses not to go back to her hometown, but to be relocated to another state.  Riding the bus to town in the middle of the night, Lena meets a sweet older woman who gives Lena hope that the town she chose as her new home town, will be a brand new start for her. 
Finding a job in the small town may be a challenge, the the woman who placed Lena in this location promised her a job at a local store, but when she reports for work she finds there is no job.  What will she do?  Divine intervention seems to be the only explanation for what happens next.  The daughter of the owner of the store, convinces her mother that Lena is the exact woman she saw in her dream, and she is supposed to be Mrs. Claus for their store.  Lena is a hit, she takes to the role naturally and feels like life is going well, until a woman from her home town exposes her for the convicted felon that she is.  Lena is
fired, and she is devastated, how will she survive?  The public outcry however is amazing!  Lena learns that this new home town of hers is a wonderful place to start over. 
A wonderful Christmas story, with a happy ending, you will not want to miss this book.  Truly an inspiring story that there is good in this world.  Great job Melody Carlson!  167 pages  US $15.99 Hardback 4 stars
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Available October 2010 from your favorite bookseller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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