The Solitary Tales
Travis Thrasher
David C. Cook

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Have you ever lived in a place so evil that Christians were afraid to worship in churches publicly?  Well this  is the kind of place that Chris Buckley finds himself in, when he and his mom return to the town where she lived as a kid.  Solitary North Carolina, a place that Chris can not figure out.  He really doesn't notice that there are no normal churches, because he does not go to church.  In fact church, religion and Jesus are why his mom and dad divorced.  After his dad found religion, his mom could not take the preaching and religion, and left her husband.  So Chris doesn't care about what the Christians are doing in Solitary North Carolina.  What Chris cares about is a beautiful girl that he cannot figure out.
Jocelyn Evans is drop dead gorgeous and Chris is attracted to her immediately, thing is people, all sorts of people keep warning him to stay away from her.  Even Jocelyn warns him that she is trouble with a capital "T".
This book is creepy weird in a good way.  I hear you laughing and asking HUH??  I mean that the book is creepy enough to scare you, but you just have to keep reading.  I loved this book.  It totally fascinated me and I was so disappointed when it ended.  It seems it may be a series, if so I cannot wait to review the next in the Solitary Tales series.  Great book, scary enough to satisfy your creepy side, and fascinating enough to make you read to the very last page.  Great job Travis Thrasher!!  392 pages 5 stars!

This book was provided for review purposes only!

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