Making Waves

Lorna Seilstad
Fiction/Historical Romance

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Marguerite Westing is a spoiled little rich girl, always used to getting her way.  Able to twist her Daddy around her little finger, she doesn't seem to mind lying to get whatever she wants.  And what Miss Marguerite wants the summer of 1895 is to learn how to sail.  Even though it is not the usual activity for a well bred young woman, she is bent on learning how to sail, and how to avoid Roger Gordon.
Roger bores her to tears, and she knows she will never love him, but her inability to always be truthful with people keeps her from telling him that.  So carefully stringing him along with very little encouragement, and trying to have her own way about everything Marguerite is soon to find out that not everything is centered around her wants and needs.
A shameful secret, is being hid by her parents and now Marguerite, knows that regardless of how she feels about Roger, or about the cute young sailing instructor, she must marry Roger to save her family.  Will she ever learn to be truthful about how she feels and what she wants.
A debut novel for Lorna Seilstad, this book was very enjoyable.  I got a bit exasperated with Ms. Marguerite, the main character as she showed all the symptoms of a rich spoiled child, but with beautiful style and grace Ms. Seilstad, brought our heroine back to the true and steady path.  A great book, definitely a book to share with friends.  359 pages $14.99 US 4 stars.
Thanks to Revell for providing this book for review.  No payment of any type was received for this review. 
Available September 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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