For Time and Eternity

The Sister Wife Series
Allison Pittman

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Camilla Deardon, is a sheltered only child of a dairy farmer and his wife in Iowa in the 1850's.  An only child, and a daughter also, she has been given very few freedoms in her life.  Her parents keep her close to home and keep a close on her.  Raised in a Christian home, reading the Bible daily and learning verses that she writes in her journal each day, Camilla really has no understanding of why her father and the local town people are so upset about the large group of Mormons camping on the edge of her father's farm.
All Camilla knows is that one of the young Mormon men, has caught her attention, and she too has caught his attention.  A handsome young man with a charismatic personality, he encourages her to do things she knows her parents would disapprove of.  Like sneaking out to meet him, when she has been ill, letting him take the cheese and butter meant for her teachers.  But Camilla cannot see past that, all she sees a exciting young man who likes her.  A young man who wants to take her away and introduce her to a new life and a new religion as his wife.
Camilla truly doesnt understand what she has done until she is older, and then she feels trapped in a religion she knows is false.  Will she be able to free herself and save her children from this religion?
This book truly kept my attention, because I was not sure what direction it would turn, I enjoyed learning more about what Mormons believe and teach, and also was happy to see that Camilla did come to a saving knowledge of Christ and a understanding that she was in a false religion.  Allison Pittman has brought a story that is not often an open subject with many.  Addressing polygamy and the tenants of the Mormon faith that are false, this book will definitely be an eye opener for many.  I truly look forward to the next installment in this series, due out in  2011.  363 pages $13.99 US 4 stars.
This book was provided for review purposes only.

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