Resurrection in May

Lisa Samson
Thomas Nelson

Reviewed by Cindy Loven

Why somethings in life happen, no one will ever know.  Lisa Samson has written a wonderful story of how those things happen to good people,  often derailing them for life.
May Seymour was a bright young woman, who was floundering.  A bit spoiled, as the only child of parents who were well off, not filthy rich, but comfortable.  After a night of drinking she is found crawling on a country road by a kind old man, named Claudius.
Claudius, has a story of his own.  A child born, with no daddy in the picture, to a white momma, his black skin, often made him a target for cruelness from other children.  After his momma married a good man, while he was still a baby, Claudius had a wonderful example of a father and was loved deeply by his momma and daddy.  Now he is old and has learned lessons in life, that keep him and help others.
Taking May in for the summer was a good thing for Claudius, a good thing for May also.  Neither of them knew that after her mission trip to Rwanda that she would come back a scarred and broken person.  The horrors of being the only survivor in a village, brutally killed by rebels.  She herself hacked at with a machete, raped, and beaten and left for dead.  She will never be the same carefree young woman she was when she arrived in Rwanda.
Will May ever be able to live life again.  Will she stay on Claudius's farm and wither away, like the plants do?  This story will have you in tears as you relive the horrors of a civil war torn country, as you realize that May is never going to be the same.  A book that will raise your awareness of what people face in horrible situations. A book of redemption! Definitely a book to read!  322 pages $14.99 4 stars

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